Knowledge Management

Objective 1 - To provide the efficient and effective communication of educational information and knowledge for implementation, management, teaching and learning to education staff and stakeholders in Ministry of Education.

Objective 2 - To implement and set up the information and knowledge management systems & tools for evidence-based decisions making process.

Objective 3 - To promote the staff capacity building for technical skills for the implementation of effective communication, information management and knowledge management.

Effective knowledge management practice builds upon the foundations of an established information management process and is an important component in harnessing the knowledge of the organization, to learn and grow.

Effective knowledge management involves a structured approach to the development, curation and dissemination of knowledge products including reports, policy documents, guidelines and briefing notes to ensure they can be easily accessed by the relevant staff.

It also involves the development of an organizational culture that encourages the development of new knowledge, that is broadly available for stakeholders to apply to their activates to ensure knowledge is utilized, by removing the barriers to access and share knowledge to achieve the long term strategic goals of the organization.

Education quality improvement resources


Increased knowledge and understanding of the education sector that informs strengthened planning, M&E and quality assurance systems.

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