Information Management

Vision - CKIM strategy aims to promote the effective communication and evidence-based decision making in management and learning process in Ministry of Education

Effective information management is critical to supporting evidence-based decision making and ensuring information resources are used effectivity to support the goals of an organisation . Therefore, a robust and well understood information management system is essential for the MoE to achieve the goals as articulated in the NESP.

Information management implies managing and storing information, data and records in the right place and in the right way so that it will be protected and easily found to produce the right information for everyone working in government to achieve its goals.

Information can be defined as meaningfully interpreted data. Data can be described as unprocessed facts and figures, which can be organized, structured and interpreted for creating useful information.

Education quality improvement resources


Increased knowledge and understanding of the education sector that informs strengthened planning, M&E and quality assurance systems.

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